Articles and Video

Articles and Podcasts

Schools and Academies Show Video discussion with Professor Becky Francis on Pupil Premium (2021)

Podcast on Pupil Premium with Sandringham Research School (2020)

Whole Education Presentation (2020)

Seminar with ASCL on supporting disadvantaged pupils post-pandemic (2020)

Talk for Challenge Partners on Pupil Premium (2020)

Sustaining learning for disadvantaged pupils during lockdown (2020)

Canaries down the coal mine: what next for the Pupil Premium (2020)

Presentation for Research School Network (2020)

Distance learning and disadvantaged pupils (2020)

Presentation from ResearchEd Durrington (2020)

Podcast on Pupil Premium with Phil Naylor (2019)

My most recent blog on getting your Pupil Premium strategy right in the classroom (2019)

Cherry picking or broad vistas? (2018)

Podcasts (2017-18)

Schools Week

The recruitment crisis no one is talking about (2016)

What should I spend my Pupil Premium on? (2015)

Making the Pupil Premium work for all (2016)


Governance: How should schools spend their Pupil Premium (2016)

How can Schools promote social justice? (2015)

The aid Schools are giving to UK Pupils (2014)

Schools Improvement

Parental Engagement (2017)

On Social Mobility (2016)

32 ideas to Magpie (2016)

Weighting Pupil Premium towards low attainers would be a mistake (2015)

Successful schools and the Pupil Premium (2014)

Learn Sheffield

Academies: Let’s find out for ourselves (2016)

National Education Trust 

The Pupil Premium and its role in tackling educational disadvantage (2015) Pupil Premium Slough PDF[1]

Watching the clouds go by  (2015)

Marc Rowland – Special Teachers In Special Education (2015)


Launching the Essex Pupil Premium toolkit (2016)

GL Assessment

Pupil Premium (GL Assessment) (2014)


Pupil Premium and Disadvantage

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